I do not do any roof repairs.


Painting: I am a good painter and will paint my work to complete any job I do,  however if you need your house painted or even a room you should call a painting company..


Tile work: If you need a tile replaced I am your man but if you want your living room floor covered?  you are better off calling a tile crew.


When your alarm breaks you could call a handyman to glue the contact back, but as an experienced alarm installer myself I would highly recommend that your alarm service company be in charge of all repairs to your security system.  


Your well and/or pool pump may have user maintainable components such as replaceable filters which I would be happy to take care of for you but in the event that you need an update or repair to your system, you would benefit from one of the pool or irrigation specialist that are so abundant locally.


If you would like an addition such as a room built on your home, you should contact a certified contractor with access to framers, roofers, electricians and HVAC experts as these are all specialized fields requiring state certification..


For the 1,000,000,000 other jobs that make up the rest of the problems that life gives you, I am your man.